How to run multiple Redsmin proxy daemons on the same server

Currently Redsmin-daemon does not support multiple configuration.

Instead of running npm install redsmin -g && RKEY=50449KEY634c5c9KEY redsmin set_key && redsmin start use the current workaround to manage from Redsmin multiple Redis instances on the same server:

cd redsmin-master
npm install
Edit the configuration file (you may want to change redis connection string).
editor etc/redsmin.json
Create a symbolic link to the new Redsmin manager (e.g. redsmin2)
ln -s `pwd`/bin/redsmin /usr/local/bin/redsmin2
And then run the following command with your own RKEY from Redsmin.
RKEY=50449KEY634c5c9KEY redsmin2 set_key && redsmin2 start
Et voila !

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