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Why I still receive Redsmin Alerts for this error?

Let say you receive a rejected_connections alert every hour saying that your current rate (e.g. 7) is higher than 0. What does it mean?

rejected_connections is not your current connection count vs limit, it's the number of rejected connections since Redis server launch time. During the lifetime of your redis server, rejected_connections is incremented each time a new client try to connect to redis but reach the max client limit.

So indeed, currently the redis server may have 7 current connected clients and a max client count to 30 but it's rejected_connections may be at 7. Note that if you restart your redis server, rejected_connections will go back to 0.

That's why you receive the Redsmin alert, that's why you may want to edit it to 7 instead of 0, so you will be only alerted next time your redis server reject another connection.

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